Work Experience

Software Developer + 
Business  Analyst (B.A)

Genoix International Pvt Ltd.

05/2019 - 08/2019

This was my first international work experience. I had been tasked to work with various departments during this co-op! 

- Created the WeParcel website using CSS, HTML, and AWS
- Fixing the WeParcel Application and creating grounds for its web app.
- Reduced cost of app development by 50% by strategically distributing work to junior developers
- Raised company market value by organizing over 50 business meetings with foreign partners
- Increased WeParcel Customer reach & engagement by 8000% through a strategic Ad Campaign
- Acquired experience in adaptability, innovation, and cultural vision with the international experience

This Co-op was a great experience for me because I learned to adapt well in a foreign environment, appreciate cultural differences, and learn a new perspective in the engineering problem solving environment. I happily worked overtime because I really loved what I was doing. I was able to enjoy great food and local entertainment. Given a chance in the distant future, I would love to work for this company again! I am currently working as a contractor for their latest start up.

Mobile Software Developer


01/2018 -04/2018

This was my first co-op job. Coming into the job I had already mastered the basics of Java, android development, and possessed strong soft skills. Leaving the job I had : 
Reduced API calls cost by 90% by implementing video caching service instead of streaming                                    
Developing the Front-end and Back-end code for an Android application using Java and C++
Crashlytics and deep mobile testing using Firebase
PHP token encryption authentication with UTC timestamp; 
Agile workflow; Git with Linux Command Line
Launching a beta-testing environment and publishing an app with legal parameters; 
Assembling a PC and modifying a Linux flavor to fit the developers needs.    
Presenting ideas in a meeting and create physical models to represent problems.          
This Co-op was special to me because my supervisors were exceptionally kind and helpful. The environment they created encouraged me to work more than what was expected of me. I found that the ticket system in Microsoft visual studio helped keep me competitive with the other co-op student to finish the most work. I would love to work here again because the wide variety of work kept me excited.

Software Developer

CareGo Tek Inc.

09/2018 - 12/2018

- Created and Fixed over 500 Test Cases for Warehouse Automation Modules
- Designed screens for warehouse monitoring control unit using C# and CSHTML
- Engaged and recorded meetings to note and create solutions for my team, developed flow charts for the test cases, write up legal and technical documentation with coding structure, and prepared weekly software demos

High School Tutor

Brampton Christian School

01/2017 - 05/2017

- Taught 2 struggling students concepts in grade Physics and Mathematics
- Raised my physics student's average from 40% to 75%
- Raised my math student's average from 70% to 90% (honours)
- Teaching others is my passion: I feel a sense of pride whenever my students excel and realize their true potential