A view to behold  

Beehive Mountain

On the way to Banff, Alberta, this scenic route just blew my mind.

Bow Lake

Behold the beauty of this great lake filled with sulfur giving it the rich milky blue color I have grown to love.

Staircase Waterfall

Observing natural phenomena is a treasure to the eyes, its crashing sounds tranquility to the ears, and its sulfuric water shocking to the nose. I can imagine that it must taste pretty strange though.

Hidden Lake Mountaintop

Glacier National Park's top lookout point. It took us 4hrs to drive here and 2hrs to hike but man was it worth it. Beware of BEARS!

Welcome to Gujrat

This history city of Bhuj. With its history and distinct architecture, it makes Europe feel like a boring place to visit comparatively.

Pragmahal Palace ki Lagan hain

This amazing palace is where the classic Indian movie Lagaan was shot. The area is a bit worn down but gave me chills with nostalgia.

Tree in Factory

I was surprised to find a full-fledged tree growing inside my uncle's factory in India. Nature, development, and peace among these things are very underrated in India.

Ferris Wheel Buffalo

I honestly really liked this picture. It’s a very normal attraction in the world, but sometimes photos don’t really need a reason to exist and sometimes don’t need a reason to be shared.

Temple of Athena and Nike, Athens

As the name suggests, this temple was used to worship the Goddess Athena and Nike by Athens in their war against the ferocious Spartans.


Another temple devoted to Athena, this one is shrouded with mystery and controversy. Parthenon is believed to be quarters for unmarried women, but its exact purpose is still debated in various ways.

Ferrari land in my Dream

I had a dream. Then I photoshopped it. Yeah… Not bad right? Please don't tell Disney